Annual Fund Raiser

Join us for our virtual fall fundraising event, where we are celebrating the new oral histories in our collection!

About this event

The staff and board of the Issaquah History Museums are excited to host this virtual fundraising event in honor of Issaquah’s storytellers and our (the community’s) growing oral history collection. Admission is free! Look forward to a short but sweet program, including:

  • Remarks from Issaquah’s Mayor, Mary Lou Pauly.
  • A video presentation comprised of some of our favorite quotes from recent oral history interviews, including a professional boxer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who is considered to be Issaquah’s adopted son; a man who said goodbye to his forever-bride; and a counselor/coach who responded to direct racism with radical love and forgiveness.
  • “Raise the Paddle” segment.
  • Learning more about the lives of Issaquahns past and present!

About the Issaquah History Museums’ Oral History Project:

We have been conducting oral history interviews for over 50 years. As a local history museum, connecting with our community is what powers us to share the past and preserve the present. During the pandemic, with the Depot and Gilman Town Hall Museums closed, we realized that conducting oral history interviews was the perfect way to stay connected while remaining committed to our mission.

Over the past year and a half, we have had interviews with nearly 20 individuals, with more in the works. Oral history interviews get transcribed and added to our online collections database.

The Issaquah History Museums care for more than 30,000 photographs and artifacts that represent Issaquah’s past. Each of these items helps to tell a story about Issaquah, as it was or as it is today. Want to help us continue to preserve and tell Issaquah’s stories—including yours? Donate to our to the 2021 Annual Fund today! Your support will help us continue our work in the coming year. Our campaign goal is $10,000. Here’s what your gift can do:

$1,000 pays for half of our archival supplies for one year. These include the acid-free boxes and bags we use to store Issaquah’s ever-growing collection of photos and artifacts.

$500 covers the cost of hosting our online collections for one year.

$250 covers the staff time it requires to catalog the contents of one archival storage box.

$100 allows us to have 4 digital reproductions made from photos that a donor might not be ready to part with.

IHM 88-15-2: Top Hat

IHM 95-36-1: Can of Beans

IHM 2005-15-3: Cow Bell

IHM 2015-2-1: Rotary Phone