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June Brides

June has traditionally been a popular month for weddings. In this post, we take a look at the wedding gowns of three different eras of June brides.

The Tale of Ole Bergen

Ole Bergen was a long-time Issaquqah resident and coal-miner who had a relaxed view of local laws. Read more about this colorful character in Issaquah’s past.

David Edmonds

David Edmonds was a successful and dedicated Mine Superintendent who went missing in May 1900.

Issaquah History Museums Reopen to the Public

In March of 2020, the Issaquah History Museums closed their doors due to the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic to visitors, volunteers, and staff. Now that Washington State is beginning to slowly reopen, we’re looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the Gilman Town Hall and Issaquah Depot Museum. You can purchased a timed entry […]