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The Worst Year Ever!

Was 2020 the worst year ever? IHM volunteer and long-time resident Jane Garrison muses over the similarities and differences between the 2020s and the 1920s. Click to read more!

Skyport Memories

IHM Volunteer and long-time Issaquah resident Jane Garrison shares her memories of the Issaquah Skyport – and how the Skyport days came to an end.

June Brides

June has traditionally been a popular month for weddings. In this post, we take a look at the wedding gowns of three different eras of June brides.

The Tale of Ole Bergen

Ole Bergen was a long-time Issaquqah resident and coal-miner who had a relaxed view of local laws. Read more about this colorful character in Issaquah’s past.

David Edmonds

David Edmonds was a successful and dedicated Mine Superintendent who went missing in May 1900.