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Bill Klein

Bill Klein (1918-2009) was a teacher at Issaquah High School for thirty-five years. Bill lived in Issaquah for 40 years. Mr. Klein brought 35 years worth of music to Issaquah High students.

Name: Bill Klein


Education—Coming of Age

What are your memories of Issaquah High School?  Which teachers were influential?

Taught there for 35 years.


Local businesses

What is memorable about Lewis Hardware?  What items did you purchase there?

They had everything. Whatever we needed.


Where did you go to buy your groceries?  Did you go to Tony and Johnny’s, or RR Grocery on East Sunset? Do you remember your favorite clerk?  Were there any items that these grocers specialized in?

Tony & Johnny’s


Did you purchase things at the Grange Mercantile Building?  What type of things did you get there?  Did your family rent a frozen food storage locker?

No storage locker.


What restaurants or soda shops did you enjoy going to?  Did you go to Rena’s Café, or XXX Root beer?  What was your favorite food?  Were there memorable waiters or waitresses?

Rena’s Café – great pies

XXX Root Beer


Did you go to Boehm’s Candies?  What candies were your favorites?

Yes, from the day they opened.

Chocolate cherries & divinity.


What saloons or local bars did you and your friends frequent?



What do you recall about Lawill’s drug store?

It was on Front Street – where the florist shop is now.


Local Politics

Do you recall Ordinance No. 752 that changed most of the street names in town?  What were your feelings about this change at the time?

Yes. A mistake.


The Great Depression

What are your memories of the Great Depression?  Did you have a job at this time?  What ways did you try to save money?  What did you eat?

Was a child living at home.


Issaquah Round-Up—Salmon Days—Labor Day Celebrations

What do you remember about Labor Day Celebrations or Salmon Days?

Big Labor Day Parades.


Outdoor Recreation

Did you spend a lot of your free time outside?  What do you remember about fishing, hunting, or hiking in the area?  What was your favorite hiking trail?

Fishing with Dad when we lived in Seattle. Drove through Issaquah on our way to Maloney’s Grove (outside of North Bend).


What type of fish did you catch?   How many trout did you catch in the Issaquah Creek and what was the biggest?  Did you fish in the kids fishing derby held in Issaquah?  Were your methods for fishing and hunting any different than they are today?

Rainbow trout and cutthroat trout.



Salmon hatchery

How has the salmon hatchery affected Issaquah?

Has made Issaquah well known.



Did you travel frequently into Seattle?  How did you get there?  What did you do while in Seattle?

Yes – by car.


How did the construction of I-90 change life in Issaquah?

Brought more people.


What was your first car?  Did you buy it from Hepler Ford Motors, Stonebridge Chevrolet, or the Kaiser-Frazier dealership?




What movies did you go to see at the Issaquah Theatre (the Old Movie House) to see?  How much did movies cost?  Did you ever go to the back upper corner of the theatre to kiss?

That’s Entertainment – 1974




What church did you attend?  What memories do you have of this church?  Were there any pastors, reverends, or church leaders that stand out in your memory?

Musical recitals at the Baptist Church and the Lutheran Church.