1928 Preston Shingle

Al Ward, a resident of Rapid City, South Dakota discovered this shingle during a 2001 remodel of his house on Mount Rushmore Road. The shingle stamped with the Preston Mill Company’s stencil had traveled from Preston to Rapid City in 1928 when the house was built. The shingle grade was Extra Clears, the best of 4 grades sold by the Preston Mill Company. An advertisement in The Issaquah Press in 1929 advertises this grade of shingles for $ 3.40 per square, delivered (presumably in the Issaquah Area). A “square” of singles equals 4 bundles of 25 square feet each which equals 100 square feet.

Mr. Ward indicated he paid $240 per square for his replacement shingles. The shingle that he donated is on exhibit at the Gilman Town Hall