From the Digital Collections: Bertha Wold Autograph Album ca 1890s

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’ve been posting some of our favorite poems from our collections here at the Issaquah History Museums.

Bertha Wold
date unknown
(probably late 1890s-

This “Cinderella Album” belonging to Bertha Wold Baxter dates to the early 1890s. It’s very fragile – most of the pages are falling out of the binding. Bertha was born in 1877 which would have made her around 15 when some of the earlier entries were written in this album.

Bertha’s album is very reminiscent of Ferol Tibbetts’ autograph album (which we posted about previously this month) which dates around 20 years later. However, the sentiments expressed in Bertha’s are a bit more poetic and romantic which makes sense for the time.

The “Cinderella Album” depicts illustrations telling the story of Cinderella. The album also has some raised stickers that seem to have been applied either by Bertha or by those who have written in the album. You can see some in the examples below.

To see the album in it’s entirety, visit the Full Record at our Digital Collections.

“Cinderella Album” belonging to Bertha Wold Baxter
ca 1890s
Full Record
“Dear Bertha,
In memories basket
Drop one pearl for me.

“Dear Bertha:
Truth, crushed to the Earth will rise again.
Your friend and Teacher,
I.V. Davis”
(November 29th, 1892)


“Dear Bertha
If when you get married
your husband is true
kiss him for me and a
good one to[o].
Your School Mate
Sarah Jane Truscott”


“Dear Bertha
Love no man not even
Your brother. If girls
must love love one
an other.
Your friend
Maggie Buchanan”


“Dear Bertha
May you live happy
each day of your life. Get
a good husband and make
a good wife:
Your Friend
Marmie E. Stewart”