From the Digital Collections: Ferol Tibbets’ Autograph Album

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’ve been posting some of our favorite poems from our collections here at the Issaquah History Museums.

This autograph album, belonging to Ferol Tibbetts, is full of wonderful little verses written in Spring of 1916. Ferol wrote her own name on the first page and dated it March 14, 1916 which would have made Ferol a mere 14 years old.

Ferol Tibbetts’ Autograph Album ca 1916
Full Record

Autograph albums gained in popularity as early as the 15th century and remained so into the early 20th century until they gradually were replaced by yearbooks. The poems and verses written in Ferol’s autograph album seem so very similar in spirit to what we wrote in our high school yearbooks, but the emphasis on marriage, cross husbands, and weddings reminds us what a different time it was. It seems to speak to the fact that teenagers don’t really change – but perhaps how they imagine their post-high school days does.

To see the album in it’s entirety, visit the Full Record at our Digital Collections.

Here are a few excerpts:

“Dear Ferol:
When you are married and your husband is cross
come over to my house and I’ll give you some sauce.
Your friend
Margaret Davis”
(March 15, 1916)

“Dear Ferol:
As sure as the vine goes around the stump
You are my darling sugar lump.
Your loving friend and schoolmate
Marie Barlow”
(March 15, 1916)
“Dear Ferol:
When you are married, and your husband is cross,
pick up the broomstick and say, who’s the boss.
Your schoolmate
Theodore Atson”
(March 21, 1916)
“Dear Friend
Remember me when far away,
and only half awake.
Remember me on your wedding day,
and send me a slice of cake.
Your school-mate
Robert Morgan”
(presumably 1916)
“Dear Ferol.
When you get old and live by the river
I’ll kill my pig and give you the liver.
Your friend
Allie Marchette”
(presumably 1916)
“Dear Ferol:-
When times are hard and boys are plenty
don’t get married until you[‘re] twenty.
Viola Kerola”
(March 16, 1916)