From the Digital Collections: “Finding the Site of the Attack on Chinese Laborers in Squak Valley”

A wonderful record from our collection comes to us just recently – January, 2010. Tim Greyhavens, in a project called No Place for Your Kind, documented in a photographic narrative contemporary locations in America where anti-Chinese violence took place.

Greyhavens location of attack on Chinese hop pickers

As a part of that project, Tim came to Issaquah and attempted to find the exact location of the infamous attack on Chinese hop pickers on the Wold brothers’ farm. By using as much information as he could glean from all accounts of the attack he was able to find the most probable location of that attack.

We have the document he prepared which includes his photographs and various primary sources (including transcriptions of many newspaper articles concerning the attack.) You can find the document in PDF format here in our online digital collections.

Tim Greyhavens was featured in The New York Times Lens Blog on August 13, 2012. You can see more of his project at his website