From the Digital Collections: “Twixt Cloud and Earth”

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’ve been posting some of our favorite poems from our collections here at the Issaquah History Museums.

This collection of writings by Berniece S. Embree Wold entitled “Twixt Cloud and Earth” was first published in 1976, however the writings date much earlier than that. Berniece Sorenson was born in Pine River, Wisconsin in 1894. The earliest poem in this collection is dated to 1910 – when she was 16 years old. Berniece Sorenson married Andrew Wold in 1959 at the age of 65.

The following poem, “The Seagull” was written November 26, 1970 when Berniece was 76.

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“Twixt Cloud and Earth”
by Berniece S. Embree Wold
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The Seagull
by Berniece S. Wold

On a placid day
I am but an uncouth bird,
A scavanger, seeking fetid things
And foul,
A gargoyle sitting humped and vile
On rotting rail or wharf
But on wild distemered days
When winds whip froth
Into a maelstrom of wicked skies
And spray like scalloped lace
Leaps high from lash of wave
When puny man seeks comfort
From the storm
And sits disconsolate
By the comfort of his fire
I soar above him
Challenging my fate
Flinging myself
Into the tortured avenues
Twixt cloud and earth.
My spread of wings is white and wide
I twists, I turn, I dip, I climb
Until at last I float supremely
And become a splendid bird
Of delicate and fantastic beauty.