From the Research Center: “From Vasa to Issaquah” by Hilda Johanson Erickson

In celebration of National Poetry Month we’ve been posting some of our favorite poems. Located in Gilman Town Hall, our David J. Horrocks research center contains many resources including some writings from the local community. “From Vasa to Issaquah, Poems Verses and Stories” by Hilda Johanson Erickson is one of those titles.

Hilda Johanson Erickson was born in Sweden in 1885. She came to America via Canada and married her fiancé (who was already living in High Point) in 1909. They built a house south of Issaquah and lived there for the remainder of their lives. She wrote many poems and stories, some of which deteriorated over time, but the ones that remained were reconstructed and put together by her grandchildren into this book.

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Our Town Issaquah
by Hilda Johanson Erickson

Issaquah, Front Street, ca 1950-54
Full Record

Our town is like the promised land
With foothills all around
Opportunities have no end
In our home town

We have forest land, lakes so blue
Sparkling brooks that hum for you
Flowering fields mixed with shade
Here a new born fawn his bed has made

Natures wondrous gift bestowed
All along the streams and roads
Hear the whispering in the pine
Inhale evergreen like sparkling wine

ca 1950