Local History Month

This May we will celebrate Local History Month. It’s the first time we’ve observed Local History Month, so we are starting out slow. We’ve teamed up with Common Ground Coffee (at the Front Street Market), who will offer a series of Issaquah-inspired coffee drinks during May. Customers will also receive a free museum family pass with their purchase.
We’ll also offer at least one (maybe more) of the following T-shirt designs:

I’d love to have your feedback on these designs. Are there things you’d change? Which would you be most likely to buy and wear? Either comment here, or email me at info@issaquahhistory.org.
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  1. Jean
    Jean says:

    The Hot Shots are my personal favorite. However, you have to have a hook to make people want to buy these shirts. Will they say Local History Month somewhere on them, or will the photo design stand alone so that the shirt has universal appeal? Convene some clever marketers to come up with ways to sell the shirts.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I like this shirt idea! I prefir the Hot Shots. 2nd choice, “Let’er Buck”. Jean suggests a Hook. I’d suggest “History is Made in Issaquah” or History Happens in Issaquah”. No event or date, so the shirts can be sold after May. Mary Scott

  3. Joan
    Joan says:

    I like both the Hot Shots and the Alpines! (I like the rodeo design also, but it might be confusing as there are rodeos still operating elsewhere that use a similar bronc rider for a logo.) Some of the museums (blue) t-shirts we have now have “The Issaquah History Museums” on the back of the shirt — if that doesn’t cost a lot more, I agree with the IHM comment above.

  4. Marilyn B
    Marilyn B says:

    I like the Hot Shots too, but since the Issaquah Alpines program drew so much interest I am inclined to go with that design.

    No reason that the other designs couldn’t be used in coming years – like the Salmon Days posters of the past, everyone wanted the ‘new’ one for their ‘collection’

    I DEFINITELY think Issaquah History should go vertically down one sleeve – a very ‘in’ look.

  5. You know who
    You know who says:

    For the rodeo logo, if you use the image of the two guys riding the same steer, I’ll buy five shirts.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hot Shots is by far the most compelling picture. The Issaquah Alpines is too dense and would probably not stamp well onto a shirt. My first thought on the rodeo is “Ellensburg,” not Issaquah. Just not our thing! I agree with Jean that there needs to be a tie-in to the Museums, and I like the idea of putting it on one of the sleeves. I’ll buy one 🙂

    Barbara de Michele

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The two photos are too “busy” for good t-shirt graphics. The rodeo poster would make a good graphic but, alas, it’s too generic. You may want to consider a spiffed up logo on the front upper quarter with a list of historic events on the back side, not unlike the format of rock group “tour” t-shirts sold at concert venues. Perhaps that could be fronted with the hook suggested above, i.e., “History happens….”
    Leo I.

  8. Issaquah History Museums
    Issaquah History Museums says:

    Thanks for the feedback, folks! I appreciate it.

    How would you feel about the Issaquah Alpines if I tightened up the focus on fewer players? I vacillated between including the whole team, or zooming in. I can fiddle with that one and post an alternate.

    The rodeo design is from a rodeo poster in our collection. Although the design isn’t unique (probably because the Playfield Association didn’t want to pay for anyone better than a stock image), it is directly related to an artifact in our collection. The shirts will all come with a card that gives a brief history of the design. My thoughts with the rodeo shirt was that people would respond to the design, and then learn more about Issaquah’s rodeo history.

    In other words… it’s not our thing now, but darnit, it should be! 🙂

    Logo on sleeve or the words Issaquah History Museums on sleeve?

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