Looking for Local History: Law & Order – IHM edition



We’ve done tutorials in the past on how to search our digital collections so this will just be a general refresher – only with a focus on our Washington Archives Month 2012 theme: Law and Order.
We’ve made searching for these sort of things easy. I think the best way to do this is either with Click & Search or Keyword Search. We’ll start with the former.
Click & Search
Begin by going to our Digital Collections. On the left you’ll see the navigation bar. Click on the button labeled “Click & Search”.
The next page will show you many different fields from which to search. For our purposes, we’ll be focusing on “Subjects.” Click on the letter that corresponds to your search term – as you can see in the image we’ve chosen “Law and Order.” Other relevant search terms you may try are “Police Department”, “Police Station”, and “Crime”.
Doing this will bring up all the records that have those search terms in their record.
Keyword Search
Another good option for searching for records would just be to use a simple Keyword Search – same as any search engine. Click on “Keyword Search” from the navigation bar. Type in what you’re searching for – in this case, “police.”


You can also narrow your search by using the box on the right. You can choose to eliminate records with no image, or search only within certain records.
Once you’ve searched, there are more ways of narrowing your search. First, you can see within the records where the word you’ve searched for has shown up – the word is in bold pink text.
At the top tells you how many records were found, and how many of each type. And on the right you can again narrow your search results.
Be sure to check out all of our other tutorials for great information on how to do your own research, both within our records and other places on the internet. Click here for those blog entries.