Photo Mystery!


Unidentified image from the Anderson Collection
photo 2010.011.051
Downtown Issaquah, cars, people, and a man with a lottery style cage on a platform

We’ve had this image in our collections for a few years now, and it hasn’t been added to our digital collections for the sole reason that we’re not sure exactly what we’re looking at. And so we can’t properly date and catalog it.

I first assumed that it was part of the draft in World War II since it came with a collection with many other items related to the war. However, it could be something else completely.

I’d love to know more specifics of what’s going on here. It’s an obviously important event, with cars lining the streets and people filling the sidewalks. If it is draft related, what exactly am I looking at?

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  1. Susan C
    Susan C says:

    Viola Peterson could tell you…I see a 39 or 40 Automobile in the photo.. She graduated from Issaquah High in 1943.. She also lived in town close. To where this photo was taken..

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