Researching Monohon

Monohon was a small town on the banks of Lake Sammamish. The town was centered around a lumber mill, which burned down in 1925. Today, the Waverly Heights development is located there. Over the years we have received visits from a number of people who live in Waverly Heights and want to know more about their community’s story. Last month another Waverly Heights resident named Ethan made a research appointment to learn more about Monohon for a second grade school project. Ethan was interested in the major landmarks of Monohon — the depot, lumber mill, and railroad tracks. I showed Ethan and his mom our research files and several different maps of the area while his dad and little brother looked around the museum.

It’s always fun for me to help people track down the information they are looking for, and even more fun when the researcher is developing an interest in local history at such a young age. Kudos to the Sunset Hills Elementary teacher who asked students to research the history of their community!

Ethan sent us this picture of his completed project, along with a note of thanks: