Sliding, Gliding, Dribbling & Casting

Last weekend several volunteers and I met at the Issaquah Community Center to install an off-site exhibit. The exhibit was designed by volunteer Geoff Nunn, and centers around the theme of recreation. Both summer and winter sports are included. Among the artifacts are a 1920s era women’s swim suit, a 1930s era sled, and an Issaquah High basketball scorebook from 1917.
The exhibit is positioned in the Community Center lobby, where thousands of people will pass by every day. We’re so pleased to have this opportunity to share Issaquah’s past with a new audience!
Above: Volunteer Paris Seabrook trims ethafoam to cover a wooden block. The block will be used to raise and support a dress form. The ethafoam prevents the wood from coming into contact with the wool swim suit; wood is high in acid, which can contribute to deterioration.
At right: Geoff Nunn carefully manuevers the dress form into the case.