Still A Little Wild

Pre-Lake Washington bridge, and especially pre-railroad, Issaquah was considered to be located in the middle of the wilderness. Apparently it’s still a bit wild around the edges here — Julie Hunter, our collections manager, spotted a coyote from the window of the Gilman Town Hall’s upper office yesterday!
For more information about Issaquah’s origins as a wilderness, you can look at digital images of the original 1864 surveyor’s field notes for Township 24, Range 6 East Willamette Meridian — also known as today’s Issaquah.
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Some of the notes made by Edwin Richardson, Surveyor, are understandable only to folks who know surveyor’s jargon, but the notes under “General Description” give hints at what the area looked like in the early 1860s.
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for a menu of survey records from a variety of years; these and thousands of other images are available at the Bureau of Land Management’s web site.