Tutorial: Finding People in the Digital Collections

We’ve written many entries on this blog about how to go about finding records in our Digital Collections (as well as tutorials on other ways to find local history.) To review those tutorials, click on the tag “tutorial” from the column on the right.

If you’re a researcher, genealogist, or just an Issaquah history enthusiast, you’ll enjoy using this section of our digital collections to find records relating to specific people. I find myself using the Click Search function of our Digital Collections more than any other search method. Here’s why it’s my go-to:

– It’s the easiest way to find people. All you have to know is the first letter of their last name. From there you can browse last names until you find who you’re looking for.

– It can lead you to people you didn’t know existed. Say you’re looking for a specific person, you find them in the drop down menu and see their name surrounded by 10 others with that last name.

– You don’t have to worry about spelling. It’s common for names to be spelled differently – it’s like the old game of telephone. After a name has been written and rewritten for decades by different people, chances are the spelling you have is different than the spelling we have.

Below is our old tutorial for how to use the Click & Search function to find people. It’s been updated with screenshots for your ease!

Click & Search

Using the Click & Search is a fun way to peruse the Digital Collections. It is also helpful when finding people if you aren’t sure of the spelling of a name or have limited information. It is also fun just to browse! 


To find people using Click & Search: 


1.       Click on the left-hand button labeled “Click & Search.”


2.       You will see rows labeled different things, all with letters of the alphabet following them. In the row labeled “People”, select the letter of the last name of the person you are researching.


3.       A dropdown box will appear. Click on the down arrow and make your selection.



4.       Your search results will appear on the next page. To view the item record, click on the text link. To view only the image, click on the thumbnail and it will pop up into a new window as a larger image.