Up Front Opening

The Lewis Hardware store was in business for 100 years and was a place where you could always find that unusual size of screw or bolt that was a challenge to locate anywhere else. Unfortunately competing with big business took its toll and Steve White reluctantly closed Lewis’ doors in 2007.
Happily an enthusiastic group of artists – artEast – viewed the empty store as an opportunity to relocate its Up Front Gallery from its cozy but crowded location to the larger building across the street. In this way the historic building would be preserved, and the artists would have a new home housing not only their pieces of art, but room for a community art center to blossom. It was hoped that Steve White, an artist himself, would be pleased with this new use of a local Issaquah landmark.

On November 5th and 6th visitors flocked to the grand opening of the new Up Front Gallery and store. Speeches were made, art was viewed and sold, live music abounded, delicious food consumed and a good time was had by all. Indeed a happy story and one that promises to continue promoting art in Issaquah and preserving its history.
We are very happy that this building filled with old memories is now a place where new memories will be created.
For more information see the article in the Issaquah Reporter.