Issaquah Auto Freight Building

92 SE Bush Street

Issaquah Auto Freight Building

The former Issaquah Auto Freight warehouse is now use by the Issaquah History Museums as a workshop and collections storage.

One of the Issaquah History Museums’ best kept secrets, the Auto Freight Building contains a variety of tools, treasures, and vintage working machinery. Visitors can admire a set of Burma Shave signs, one of old Issaquah’s original wooden water pipes, a vintage Fairmont speeder used in track-work and repair, and the Issaquah Volunteer Fire Department’s first hose cart, circa 1915. Also on display is a 1920s Climax speeder engine, a restored 1948 Ford tractor, and several hit-n-miss engines.

The historic Issaquah Auto Freight building was constructed by the Castagno brothers in the 1930s and used by their Issaquah Auto Freight company as a warehouse and garage. Its heavy roof beams were salvaged from the Black Diamond coal bunkers.

On September 26, 2019, the Issaquah Auto Fright Building was declared a King County landmark, as well as an Issaquah historic landmark. Support for the documentation and application process was provided through a generous grant by 4Culture. The City of Issaquah contributed the application fee.

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