Dig Deep

For about one hundred and forty years, Issaquahns have been digging deep. We have been literally digging deep to monetize the land, figuratively digging deep into our hearts to support each other, and academically digging deep to research the significant role that Issaquah has played in shaping our region and the lives that we experience today.

This page provides the means for all of us to dig deep. Representing over forty years of research, authoring, interviewing, and remembering, as well as  the collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and scanning of historic documents,  this page provides access to an immense trove of historic information.

Use this material to discover and forge your historic and community roots, and to find the common stories that connect us while defining our present and guiding our future.

Research Guide

Ready to dig into your own research? Here's a guide to finding things at the Museums' research center, online, or at other locations.

Alexander House in 1999

Buildings and Sites

This month we are spotlighting Issaquah's historic buildings and sites! Many historic buildings still remain in Issaquah, along with some significant new buildings. Both old and new structures add character. Click here to peruse a wealth of information and pictures of many of Issaquah's special buildings and places.

Issaquah Oral History Videos

These video shorts are filled with amazing stories and deeply personal memories that inform and improve our perspective on the community’s history.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources