People: Issaquahns

Issaquah boasts a rich collection of characters from its past. This page serves as a table of contents for biographical profiles and other stories about Issaquah’s inhabitants.

Ben Legg

Bad Ben Legg

Was Ben Legg being malicious or just having a bad day?

Dinner for the Servicemen

Women of Issaquah in WWI

Published in the the Summer 2003 edition of Past Times.

Martin Monohon circa 1900

Biography of Martin Monohon

“In 1877 he took up a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres near Issaquah in this county, and built thereon a log house.”

Martha and James Bush

Biography of James W. Bush

James W. Bush came to Squak Valley “at a time when it was literally a jungle, the haunt of wild animals and frequented by hostile Indians.”

Biography of Herbert S. Upper

“Can any pleasure in life compare With a charming drive in open air? A spirited horse of royal breed With just a little more style and speed Than any you meet, and it matters not If his gait be pace or a swinging trot.”

1893 Biographical Sketch of Ingebright. A. Wold

“He took up a claim where the town of Gilman now stands[…]. He got title to this tract of land under the preemption law.”

Henry H. Tibbetts

Tibbetts Family: Henry’s Branch

Henry Harrison Tibbetts has remained all but invisible… until now.

Issaquah Kiwanis 75 Years

75 Years of Service: History of the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah

David Jepsen and Dan Anderson present the history of the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah.

Anna Marjavie and George Pedro

The Morgan Family of Issaquah

Published in the the Winter 2005 edition of Past Times.