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History Program Videos

With an ongoing mission to discover, preserve, and share the history of Issaquah and its environs, even in a pandemic, we are expanding our digital offerings by providing and recording on-line events and virtual tours to meet the increased need for digital content.

December History Happy Hour: Issaquah Alpines Football

Before Seattle had the Seahawks, Issaquah had the Issaquah Alpines. From the early 1930s to the 1940s, the Alpines played a scrappy, joyous brand of football that not only won them fans, but saw them win 7 league championships!



September History Happy Hour: World War II in Issaquah

This History Happy Hour features the stories of three men from Issaquah who fought in World War II, and discusses how the war impacted those at home in Issaquah.


Presentation date: 24 September 2020 | Length: 78 minutes

October History Happy Hour: Ghosts & Graveyards

Most of Issaquah’s deceased rest quietly in their graves; others are said to walk and talk. Join us for a conversation about Issaquah’s dead. We’ll focus on the residents of Issaquah’s Hillside Cemetery, and will also share the results of ghost-hunting done at some historic Issaquah locations.

Presentation date: 29 October 2020 | Length: 74 minutes

Issaquah’s Cast of Characters: Distinctive Women

Small towns produce big personalities. Join our Executive Director, Erica Maniez, as she gives a virtual presentation about distinctive women in Issaquah’s history, including politicians, international travelers, old maids, and the un-apologetically eccentric.

Presentation date: 1 July 2020 | Length: 48 minutes

July History Happy Hour: Issaquah in the 1970s

Trained storytellers from the Issaquah History Museums share tales of Issaquah in the 1970s, a decade that featured land development and population growth, exploding bars, and links to national news about hijackers and serial killers.


Presentation date: 30 July 2020 | Length: 65 minutes