History Kit Vocabulary List

Listed below are some terms likely to need definition and clarification.

coalmine: an underground place where coal is taken by digging and drilling

farmer: a person who grows crops and raises animals

Gilman: name for Issaquah from 1892 – 99. Named for Daniel Hunt  Gilman who brought the railroad to town

history: the study of the past

history museum: a place where things from the past are displayed

hops: a vine plant used to make beer (the ripe, dried cones are used)

Issaquah: the name for our town since 1899, it is a closer version to the original Native American name for the area (closer than “Squak”)

lumber mill: a place where trees are cut into lumber for building

Monohon: an old mill town once located on East Lake Sammamish Road

mural: a large painting usually on a wall or the side of a building.

Newcastle: an nearby city that began as an old coal mining town near Lake Boren.

Native American: the first people to live in the Issaquah area

railroad: a train on fixed tracks

Samamish: the group of Native Americans that fished, gathered  and hunted in the Issaquah area

settler: a person who comes to live in a new region

Squak: a variation of a native American name for Issaquah