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Chief Dag Garrison

Duaine A. “Dag” Garrison

Served 1976-2002

Served 1976-2002

Chief Dag Garrison

Chief Dag Garrison.

Duaine A. Garrison (“DAG”) was born in 1941 in Los Angeles, California. He attended school in Santa Clara and in 1958 he joined the US Marine Corps Reserve. He remained in the reserves until 1966. He and Beth were married in 1961 and they had four children: Eric, Elaine, Adrienne and Ellen.

In 1964 Dag joined the Seaside, California Police Department. He rose through the ranks and left that department in 1976 as a Lieutenant. He had accepted an offer to become the Chief of the Issaquah Police Department at the ripe old age of 35!

Some of Dag’s many achievements:

  • American Legion “Officer of the Year – 1964” Seaside, CA
  • Seaside PD Shooting Team
  • Taught Law Enforcement classes at Gavilan College, CA
  • President of the King Co. Chiefs Association
  • Graduated from the FBI Academy and Command College

Dag saw the department grow to a combined staff of over 50 personnel. He helped lead the way for a new station from its inception to the grand opening in July, 2000.

Dag formally retired on March 1, 2002 and his Deputy Chief, Dave Draveling took over as Interim Chief. Dag and Beth are enjoying their retirement and have departed on an extended “Tour of America”.

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