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Gilman Village

Gilman Village

In 1972, Betty Konarski, owner of the Country Mouse consignment store, convinced Marvin and Ruth Mohl to scrap their plans to create another strip mall, and to create what would be Gilman Village instead.

317 NW Gilman Blvd

Gilman Village

David Bangs, May 1999

The Gilman Village Story

Gilman Village is a union of old buildings with a new purpose. The idea began in 1972 when Betty Konarski and Marilyn Gray convinced developers Marvin and Ruth Mohl that unwanted buildings could be saved, moved and refurbished to create an attractive business district. While the buildings all have a history, they have been given a new life in a great example of adaptive reuse.

The Buildings

Gilman Village consists of 28 buildings – most of which are historic. For more information about Gilman Village, and the shops contained in each building, see the main Gilman Village web site. Most of the text for each building has been quoted (with some updates) from the brochure, The Gilman Village Story, which is available at the Gilman Village office and the visitors center. Used by permission. All photos taken by David Bangs in 1999.