Court House

Court House

July 1999 Photo by David Bangs.

This charming home graced the S.W. corner of Dogwood and Rainier Blvd. from 1890 to 1979. Constructed by a man named Putnam (probably either Meyers or George Frank Putnam), the home remains basically the same today as when first built. The only change has been the addition of a full front porch instead of a small entry portico with peaked roof.

Putnam sold the home to the Finstrom family. The third daughter, Hilda, married Mr. Court and moved to Seattle, but returned to the family home when her husband died. She remained their until her death.

The home was used for the offices of Benton-McCarthy Realty until 1979 when construction of their new building began.

Renovations for Gilman Village include exposure of the original tongue and groove siding.