Wold House

Wold House

July 1999 Photo by David Bangs.

Lars Arndt Wold, his wife, Henrietta, and children Mary, Andrew, Ludwig and Sena, made their home here in 1908. The house (called “The Wold” in the community) is the only building in Gilman Village which remains in its original location. Except for the deck entrance, the exterior remains unchanged. The large handmade railings with the graceful curves were saved from the home’s interior.

The Wold family was part of this corner of Issaquah for most of the century. The Wold daughters were active in the community. Sena was bookkeeper at the Standard Oil Bulk Plant and was known for raising police dogs. Mary was trained as both a teacher and a nurse. She served as a Red Cross nurse during World War I, in Siberia.

One of the outstanding features of the home is its 70-year-old garden which remains intact in Gilman Village. The stonework pools done by “Uncle Carl”, the unusual plants such as cucumber leaf magnolia, atlas blue cedar, and Japanese red maples as well as the apple orchard all remain just as the Wolds enjoyed them.

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