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Henry Beebe


Served in 1892

Henry Beebe served as town marshal for only three days during September or October 1892. For this service he was paid $6 ($2 a day). Before and after Beebe’s three days of service to the town of Gilman, John McQuade served as town marshal. Town Council minutes do not cite a reason why McQuade was unavailable for three days.

Beebe appears in the 1892 Washington State Territorial census. At that time, he was living in Gilman with his young wife Ada Sloper Beebe, and their one-year-old son Henry. The census shows that he was born in the United States in about 1867, and that he was working as a laborer. The Washington State Digital Archives contain copies of the certificate he signed upon his 1882 marriage to Ada, and another marriage license for his marriage to Sula Turner in 1893.  And this is the extent of the information we have been able to locate about Mr. Henry Beebe.

It’s likely that Beebe was not the only man to serve as a “substitute” town marshal during the absence of one of the town’s official marshals, at least while the town had a one-man peace-keeping force.

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