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Henry J. Schomber

Served in 1931

Served in 1931

Henry was born was born on October 16, 1899 at the family home on Front Street where the Schomber-Lewis building now stands. His parents, Henry and Anna, were of German descent. They arrived in Issaquah in 1891 and set up the Schomber Bakery where the H & H Tavern and Lewis Hardware stores are now located.

Henry attended Issaquah High School and by all accounts excelled in sports. He married Eloise, on October 20, 1946, and they had two sons; Wayne and John.

Henry  took over the Marshal’s Office in 1931 after the resignation of J. M. Stakebake.  He inherited a town still troubled by burglars. On the night of January 26, 1931, Henry responded to Goode’s Corner Grocery, (State Route 900 and Newport Way).  Pete Walmaki who worked at the store, was sleeping inside when he heard the sound of glass breaking.

Pete got a gun from inside the store and surprised two men that had entered via the broken front door. Holding them at gunpoint, Pete yelled for help as the Goode family home was next to the store. Mr. Goode and his son came to assist and the three of them held the burglars until the law arrived. The pair  were involved in an earlier break-in of some gasoline pumps according to Sheriff’s Deputies.

On April 2, 1931, the Jacobson Bakery and Lewis Hardware stores were burglarized. Cash and $100.00 in fishing tackle, tobacco, knives and a revolver were taken from the hardware store. About $15.00 cash was taken from the bakery.

Henry passed away on May 16, 1965 after three months illness. Eloise, who was born in 1913, died in 1992. Both Henry and Eloise are buried at Hillside Cemetery.

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