30 Brochure to the Past

Competencies: Social Studies, Social Studies Skills

Social Studies Skills 5.1: Uses critical reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate positions.

Social Studies Skills 5.4: Creates a product that uses social studies content to support a thesis and presents the product in an appropriate manner to a meaningful audience.


Objective: Students compare several brochures and then create their own brochure inviting people to visit Issaquah’s past.

Materials: set of brochures (provided in kit), paper, pencils, crayons, pens


  1. Discuss what a brochure is and what kind of information it provides.
  2. Students study the modern brochures provided in the kit. List on the board what strengths each brochure has (colorful, well organized, catchy title, important information is easy to find, tells what, when, where, gives directions, has photos, etc.)
  3. In small groups or partners, students choose a time period or event in Issaquah’s history. They are going to invite people to travel back in time to this period or event.
  4. Students list what important information must be provided in a brochure to the past.
  5. Show students how to make a brochure by folding a piece of paper into thirds.
  6. Students organize their information on the brochure, color, decorate, create a title, etc.
  7. Share the final products with the class or another class that is also studying local history.
  8. If one or two of the brochures are outstanding, and the children are willing, you can even leave an example in the kit with the other modern brochures as a model for future classes.


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