1 Locating Issaquah

Competencies: Social Studies, Geography

Geography 3.1: Understands the physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, and location of places, regions, and spatial patterns on the Earth’s surface.

Geography 3.1.1: Understands and applies how maps and globes are used to display the regions of North America in the past and present.

Objective: Students determine where we live on maps of the world, United States of America, Washington State, and Seattle and the greater Eastside. They find Issaquah on the maps of Washington State and  Seattle.

Materials: maps of the world, the United States of America, Washington, and Seattle. Globe.


  1. Guide the class in defining geography. As a class, identify the approximate location of Issaquah on each of the four maps. Specifically, find Issaquah on the maps of Washington State and Seattle.
  2. Discuss features of a map; compass rose, key, water, land, cities, boarders, rivers, etc.
  3. Using the map of the world, locate the poles, continents, oceans, equator, and hemispheres. Use Velcro cards to label these.


  • Discuss the similarities and differences between each of the maps. Students take turns finding specific locations on each of the maps.
  • Students attach the world map Velcro labels as an activity center. Have a specific place for each label that is not attached, as they are small and easy to lose.
  • Use a classroom globe to locate the poles, continents, oceans, Washington State, and Issaquah. Compare the flat maps to a three dimensional globe. Does the globe show any locations better than the flat maps (i.e. poles)?


Activity 1 (PDF)
world map labels

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