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Ira Delamarter

Served in 1947

Served in 1947

Ira E. Delamarter was born on August 3, 1925 to Guy and Irene Delamarter. We are not certain of his birth place, but he spent his early life in Oregon. Ira served during World War II as a pharmacist’s mate. Sometime between his return from service and 1947, Ira made his way to Issaquah, where he succeeded Rex Seil as town marshal.

The Issaquah Press edition of August 4, 1949 reports that Ira Delamarter resigned as Marshal and Ray Robertson assumed those duties. Delamarter apparently returned to Oregon; when he married Betty A. David in 1951, his usual place of residence of Portland, OR.

He died in Redmond, Deschutes County, Oregon in 2002.

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