“We’re Looking Pretty Good, Larry”

This article appeared in The Issaquah Press, November 19 1997


The Mill Street Logging Scene mural. [Issaquah Press photo by Greg Farrar]

The souls of High Point Mill Company workers seem to gaze approvingly over the shoulder of artist Larry Kangas as he puts some finishing touches on “The Mill Street Logging Scene,” a mural of turn-of-the-century Issaquah. The mural includes a High Point Mill Company Climax 40-ton engine from 1918-28; an Issaquah Lumber Company mill from 1936; and the Issaquah Mill Company steam donkey from 1903. The mural, sponsored by the Arts Commission, Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Issaquah Plaza, Historical Society, Main Street Issaquah, Front Street Market and the Ben Franklin store, was dedicated Thursday on the north wall of the Front Street Market building on East Sunset Way.


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