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Jack Allen

Jack Allen

Served 1958-59

Jack Allen

Jack Allen (Photo courtesy of the Issaquah Police Department).

Served in 1958-59

Jack Allen took over as Chief of Police on September 15, 1958 after the resignation of Tom Bass.

Jack had a considerable background in law enforcement. He had been a Sergeant with the Bellevue Police Department; a State Patrolman for the State of North Dakota; a Deputy Sheriff; and Special Agent for the US Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Jack and Officer Edward L. Clark made up the entire department at that time. On November 29, 1958, Jack was involved in a serious auto accident in which his 1957 sedan was completely destroyed.

He suffered a fractured shoulder, back and neck injures, and lacerations to his face, hand, and head and later underwent surgery at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle.

While Jack was recovering, Ed Clark covered the city by day, and ten officers from surrounding agencies volunteered their services for night patrol. They were: Sgt Al Lewin, Medina PD; Marty Beard and Floyd Greenback, former Bellevue Police Officers; Bill Dickson and Harry Hughes, Issaquah Auxiliary Officers; Bill Twitchell, KCSO Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff; Marshal Vern Clark, North Bend; Mayor Bill Gharmes, Mayor of North Bend and former Police Officer; and Richard Rickett, Auxiliary Marshal of North Bend.

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