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Jack Chalfa

Served in 1920

Served in 1920

Jack Chalfa was Town Marshal under the administration of Mayor W.E. Gibson, following the resignation of P.J. Smith in June 1920. After Smith’s resignation, the Town Council had difficulty finding a replacement for the advertised wage of $90 a month. The wage was subsequently raised to $125. The Issaquah Press noted in its July 3, 1920 issues, “P. J. Smith having resigned as marshal effective Wednesday evening, Mayor Gibson appointed Mr. Jack Chalfa to that office. Jack is an Issaquah boy, did his big bit during the war, and his appointment meets with the approval of the public.”

Jack Chalfa was born on May 27, 1891 in Homestead, Pennsylvania. His parents were Austiran immigrants. He was living in McKeesport, PA at the time he registered for the WWI draft, bud haf moved to Taylor, WA by 1918. In February of 1918, he married a miner’s daughter named Mary Pedro. Later that year he enlisted and served active duty in the US Army. After he returned from the war, he and his wife had three children: Jack, Jr., born in 1924, and twin daughters Donna and Dulcie, born in 1927. Jack worked as a coal miner, and was also a sawmill worker for Wyerhaeuser for many years at Snoqualimie Falls. Jack died in 1980.

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