Issaquah History Museums

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Children and adults standing in front of St. Joseph Catholic Church, ca 1920. The priest next to the high official is Father Carey. Also present in the photo are Joseph Rutkowski (front row, far left), Joe Neukirchen (adult male in back row, beneath window), Joseph Donlan (directly in front of Joe Neukirchen), John Hircko (the closest to the front of the four boys between the Bishop and Father Carey), Mary Lotto (just behind the Bishop’s shoulder, the first of the little girls), Alice Neukirchen (back row, standing on something to make her the tallest in the back row, closest to the window on the right), Anne Rutkowski (directly behind the shorter girl in the front row), Marie Neukirchen (to Annie Rutkowski’s left), and Anna Suess (Mrs. Joe) Neukirchen (second from the right, wearing the white hat). [IHM photo 96-15-1]