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June Day Sandberg

June Day Sandberg (1923-2009) lived in Issaquah from 1928 to 1939, and also lived in Issaquah with her parents for a brief time during World War II.

Name:June Day Sandberg


Your history in Issaquah/How long lived here, etc.:

From 1928 to 1939.

Later during World War II with my folks.


Family History in Issaquah:

My great uncle, Frank Day, was the first Treasurer of Issaquah in the 1920’s.


Education—Coming of Age

What are your memories of Issaquah High School?  Which teachers were influential?

Years 1938 and 1939:

Lots of good friends, many of which I still have from grade school and all.

I graduated from Renton High in 1941.


What memories do you have of Minnie Schomber, or another favorite teacher?

I remember Minnie from grade school years and on!  She was “quite” a lady!!


Were you affected by earthquake damage to the schools in 1949 or 1965?

My son, Ray Sandberg, was affected in 1965!  He was on the second floor in English class sitting by a window.  He had a few cuts on his face and hands; nothing serious.


What kind of extracurricular activities were you involved in?  Did you play football or chess, or did you act in the school plays?  What were memorable games or plays?

My husband, Arne Sandberg, is in this picture somewhere.  We couldn’t pick him out.  We have a bigger picture of this; “really” enjoy it.


Where did you and your friends spend your free time as teenagers?  What kind of mischief did you get into?  How did your parents or teachers punish you when you got into trouble?

We mostly had chores to do at home.


Local businesses

What local businesses do you remember?  What items did you purchase there?  Who owned the business?  Where was it located?  What do you remember most about it?

Charlie Kinnune’s Shoe Repair.  They lived in the shop.  I baby-sat their three kids.

Jacobsen’s Bakery.  Very good.  Their daughter, Annamarie (Tootsie), was one of my pals.

Finney and Fischer’s Meat markets.

Peters Real Estate.

Eaves Dress Shop.

Cussac Shoe Store.

Drylie’s Soda Shop.  These were all on Front Street.


What barbershop or beauty shop did you frequent?  What do you remember about these places?  What were the popular hairdos when you frequented the beauty shop?  Did you do a lot of socializing at the barber and beauty shops?

Paul Benson’s Barber Shop.  My grandson, Eric Hansen, was the fifth generation of our family to have Paul cut his hair.


What is memorable about Lewis Hardware?  What items did you purchase there?

We still shop at Lewis Hardware!  What a great old store.


Where did you go to buy your groceries?  Did you go to Tony and Johnny’s, or RR Grocery on East Sunset? Do you remember your favorite clerk?  Were there any items that these grocers specialized in?

Red and White Store on Sunset Way owned by Mickey Miles.  Still very good friends with his son Leonard (Chubby to us!).

Later at Stevens Grocery on front Street.  Also Tony and Johnnie’s.


Did you purchase things at the Grange Mercantile Building?  What type of things did you get there?  Did your family rent a frozen food storage locker?

We had a frozen food locker at The Grange.


What restaurants or soda shops did you enjoy going to?  Did you go to Rena’s Café, or XXX Root beer?  What was your favorite food?  Were there memorable waiters or waitresses?

We weren’t living in Issaquah after the war.  Before the war we always went to Dave Morgan’s Little Barrel way up Sunset close to Flintoft’s.  Depression time if we’d bring our own bananas he’d make us splits!!  We loved it as kids.


Did you go to Boehm’s Candies?  What candies were your favorites?

Yes.  We liked many kinds of their candies.


What saloons or local bars did you and your friends frequent?

We’re not into beer.  My dad, Frank Day, always went to Charlie Clark’s.  Later the Union tavern that Bill and Margie ran.


Local Politics

Do you recall Ordinance No. 752 that changed most of the street names in town?  What were your feelings about this change at the time?

I was “really” unhappy when they changed “White” Street in front of our house.  Our house was on the street behind Fischer’s Meats.


The Great Depression

What are your memories of the Great Depression?  Did you have a job at this time?  What ways did you try to save money?  What did you eat?

I was mostly in grade and high school.  Did a “lot” of baby-sitting!!


World War II

How did World War II affect the town of Issaquah?  Did you know men or women who went to fight in the war?  Did you leave Issaquah to join the war efforts?

My husband, Arne, was on Okinawa at end of war, ready to invade Japan.  Thank God for Truman and The Bomb.


How did the Japanese Internment affect Issaquah?  Did you know men and women who were taken to Internment Camps?

Our friends, Yuri Kobukata and Mary Nagasawa, were affected.  Yuri came from back east for our class of 1941 reunion.  It was so good to see her.


What kinds of jobs did the War bring to the area?  Where did you work at this time?

I was living with my mom, Alberta Beardmore, and worked at the Busy-Bee for May Harris.


Outdoor Recreation

Did you spend a lot of your free time outside?  What do you remember about fishing, hunting, or hiking in the area?  What was your favorite hiking trail?

We fished in the creek.  My mom was the “best” fisherman in town!  Guys used to come see how many she caught.  She was always out-fishing them!!


What are your memories of Vasa Park?  What did you do while there?

Swedish picnics.

Skating Rink.


Did you go swimming in the local lakes in the summer?  Or ice-skating at the Horrock’s Farm in the winter?

We used to walk (hike) up to Pine Lake and stay all day.  Mom used to take a bunch of us kids down the railroad tracks to Sunset Grove (now the state park).


Salmon hatchery

How has the salmon hatchery affected Issaquah?

It is wonderful for the town!  I remember watching them build it!


Farming and Dairy

Do you have any memories of Pickering Farm?

Since my early grade school days Rob and Will were in my class.  They’re still our best of friends.



How did the construction of I-90 change life in Issaquah?

It “wrecked” our valley; changed our little town forever!!


Fraternal Organizations—Local Halls

What are your memories of the fraternal organizations?  Did you belong to the Elks Lodge, or Lions Club, etc?

Arne belonged to the Masons and Elks, also VFW.

I belonged to the Rainbow Girls.


Did you attend dinners, dances, banquets, or other events in the upstairs Grange Meeting Hall?

VFW meetings.

Some dances.



What movies did you go to see at the Issaquah Theatre (the Old Movie House) to see?  How much did movies cost?  Did you ever go to the back upper corner of the theatre to kiss?

When we could save ten cents we went to the movies during the Depression.

AUTHOR of THIS MEMORY BOOK (signature and date)

June Day Sandberg              March 21, 2001