David G. Draveling

Served 2002-2007

Dave Draveling

David G. Draveling (Photo courtesy of the Issaquah Police Department).

Originally from Port Huron, Michigan, Dave’s father was a police officer in his home town for 33 years and very influential in his career choice. “My dad loved helping people and I wanted to continue the tradition.”

Dave completed his Law Enforcement Degree in Michigan and completed the Police Academy as a private citizen. “That was when they were laying officers off due to the recession.”

Dave’s son, also a police officer in the City of Snoqualmie, carries on that tradition as a third generation police officer.

Dave has had a very exciting and colorful career with Issaquah, where he started his Law Enforcement career 21 years ago as an undercover police officer. He completed three tours of undercover narcotics investigating in 1980, 82, & 84.

Dave worked four years as a patrol officer, six years as a sergeant, nine years as a captain, three years as Deputy Chief and between 2002 and 2007, he served as department’s Interim Chief of Police. He remembers when there were no traffic signals in Issaquah and there were only 10 officers including the chief. There were many night shifts worked alone and back up was sometimes 20 minutes away.