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Labor Day Parade 1924

Looking back: Labor Day Parade

Published January 5, 2000

Published in the Issaquah Press on January 5, 2000

Labor Day Parade 1924

Labor Day Day Parade on September 1, 1924. [IHM photo]

Our continuous look at past celebrations take us this week to Issaquah’s first Labor Day Parade. In this Sept. 1, 1924 photograph, the Labor Day Rodeo cowboys lead the march south on Front Street. Following is a band led by William Harris, visible just to the right of the band, in a suit, holding a book. The Issaquah Cafe on the left is where the new library is under construction. The railroad tracks in the foreground led from the depot to the coal mines behind the fish hatchery. Also of note is the white drinking fountain located next to the telephone pole on the right corner.