Looking back: Grand Central Hotel – Circa 1910

Published in the Issaquah Press on December 20, 2000

Grand Central

In this photo, taken in 1910, members of the Croston family posed on the porch. [IHM photo 72-21-14-226,courtesy of Denny Croston]

n this 1910 photo, a number of improvements have been made to the Grand Central Hotel. The original square porch, marquee posts and rails have been replaced with fancy turned posts and rails. The Hotel sign has been relocated from the marquee rail to above the entrance door in the center of the building. The small tree from the Nov. 29 looking back photo is now almost as tall as the building.

The dog and man at the left are unidentified. Next from the left are James Croston Sr., Joseph Croston and James’ wife Anna Croston. A small telephone cross arm with four insulators is now located below the power line cross arm on the power pole.