Looking back: Steam Donkey At Upper Preston

Published in the Issaquah Press on July 26, 2000

Preston Steam Donkey and Crew

Darius Kinsey print of the Preston Mill Co., steam donkey and crew circa 1917.
L-R: Pete Erickson, James Mattson, unidentified, Mattias Houde, Thomas Lee, Carl Bystrom, unidentified. [IHM photo 93.032.002 or fic-2000-59]

The Press continues its look back at Issaquah’s logging-days roots. In this photograph dated from 1916-1917, Peter Erickson can be seen on the left standing next to the Preston Mill Co’s logging boss James Matson. Both men are part of the crew logging along Raging River above Upper Preston. The steam donkey is from the Road Engine family used to pull logs long distances.