Looking back: Waiting at the Monohon Depot

Published in the Issaquah Press on September 13, 2000

Hand Car Crew on NP tracks at Monohon

Hand Car Crew on NP tracks at Monohon. [IHM photo 91.7.48]

While a group of citizens await their train at the Northern Pacific Depot at Monohon, the railroad crew poses on its hand car. This photo presents a couple of interesting points to ponder. For one, the rail crew obviously was integrated to some degree, with an American Indian joining them (second from the left). Secondly the man standing on the right appears to be dressed in a style typical of a locomotive engineer at the time. However there’s no train in the picture and the fact that people are waiting seems to indicate that the train has yet to arrive. Was this the crew that was scheduled to take over for the one that’s bringing the train to Monohon?