Delores Kinnune Busby

Delores Kinnune Busby

Delores Kinnune Busby

Name: Dolores Busby

Birth Date or Year (optional):


Your history in Issaquah/How long lived here, etc.:

I’ve lived here all my life graduated from Issaquah High as my dad and brother did before me- also an aunt on my mother’s side


If you have lived here all or most of your life, why did you choose to stay?

Guess Issaquah is part of my heritage


Education—Coming of Age

What are your memories of Issaquah High School?  Which teachers were influential?

We had open campus at noon a lot of kids went downtown for lunch.  I would rush down to be cashier at the restaurant my mother worked at, for doing that I received a free hamburger which I ate on the way back to school.

To me school was something we took pride in.  It was sad to see it torn down- there’s still reminders such as the steps in the front, which now is the swimming pool.

Remember Mrs. Allen- Home Ec (?)


What memories do you have of Minnie Schomber, or another favorite teacher?

I didn’t have Minnie for first grade.  I had Mrs. McMasters.


Where did you and your friends spend your free time as teenagers?  What kind of mischief did you get into?  How did your parents or teachers punish you when you got into trouble?

Friday night was show night.  We’d walk to Drylie’s Sunday afternoon for a coke or spent time at the “barrel” XXX.

When I was in trouble at home I was grounded.  At school we stood out in the hall, that was for talking in class.


Local businesses

What local businesses do you remember?  What items did you purchase there?  Who owned the business?  Where was it located?  What do you remember most about it?

Brady’s dry goods on south side of Sunset.   Bought blouses, material.  Mrs. Brady was always glad to see you.  I did my shopping at the Grange.  Besides shopping you socialized- in those days you knew everyone.

My dad and his dad before him had a shoe repair shop- When I was little we lived at the shops.  One the living quarters were upstairs, the second one living quarters were attached to shop both on Front St.  Last one became a restaurant.  Think the Hartleys had it.  In 1951 my mother and dad had the restaurant.


What barbershop or beauty shop did you frequent?  What do you remember about these places?  What were the popular hairdos when you frequented the beauty shop?  Did you do a lot of socializing at the barber and beauty shops?

Once in a while my hair was permed.  Went to Inga Johnson’s shop in her home, corner of Sunset and Second.  If you happened to be there at lunch time- she fixed a big dinner and you ate with she and her husband.  First time I had fish gravy, which was really good.


What is memorable about Lewis Hardware?  What items did you purchase there?

Tom Lewis and my dad, Henry Kinnune were great friends.  When I married, our first TV came from Tom’s.  Every thing my husband needed in the line of plumbing shells for his gun, small appliances came from Lewis.  If not there at Wold’s Hardware.


Did you purchase things at the Grange Mercantile Building?  What type of things did you get there?  Did your family rent a frozen food storage locker?

We had a frozen food locker at the Grange beside buy our groceries.  Remember Imogene Woodside and Joan Karvia.


What restaurants or soda shops did you enjoy going to?  Did you go to Rena’s Café, or XXX Root beer?  What was your favorite food?  Were there memorable waiters or waitresses?

I worked at XXX in the late 49 and 50.  May Harris was the cook, she was a fun person to be around.


What do you recall about Lawill’s drug store?

My first memory was Steaveson’s drug store, which in later years became Rena’s- Lawill’s was on the corner.


World War II

How did World War II affect the town of Issaquah?  Did you know men or women who went to fight in the war?  Did you leave Issaquah to join the war efforts?

Being from a small town you knew all the boys who went to serve.  One of my dear friends lost his life.  He was an only child, was very hard on his parents.

We had a tower above the VFD hall where the library now sits- had shifts to watch and report planes.  A lot of us put in our shift.


Issaquah Round-Up—Salmon Days—Labor Day Celebrations

What do you remember about Labor Day Celebrations or Salmon Days?

Family took part in Labor Day Parade.  My husband marched with V.F.W. have 8 mm of some of parade-  The children entered the children’s parade.  After we had a big picnic with all our friends.  A fun day for everyone.


Was there any year that these celebrations were especially memorable to you?

What special activities were there at Labor Day Celebrations, or at Salmon Days?  How has Salmon Days changed over time?


Special Occasions

What were some of the other memorable special events and occasions in Issaquah?

Enjoy pioneer days- Early day friends attend, so nice to see them.


Outdoor Recreation

What are your memories of Vasa Park?  What did you do while there?

Vasa Park went skating had a girlfriend her dad was manager of the park on weekends.  I stayed with her and helped out her folks.

In grade school we went to the Issaquah Park where the fish hatchery is now.  I remember having a birthday party there.  I jumped out of a tree and had to have a clamp on my wrist.  Dr. Hillery’s office was above the band building.


Did you go swimming in the local lakes in the summer?  Or ice-skating at the Horrock’s Farm in the winter?

As a young girls, we swam in Issaquah Creek on the folks land.  It was deep enough in one spot you could dive.

After I was married my children took swimming lessons at Pine Lake “Frenches”.  We’d go to Alexander’s for the day and husband would come afterward for dinner.  Had big picnic at Parr’s Park in the 50 and Timberlake.


Logging and Sawmills

Do you remember the Monohon Mill, the Red Hall sawmill by the fish hatchery, the High Point Mill, the Preston Mill, or the Issaquah Lumber Company Mill on Front Street South?

My grandma Heric cooked at the boarding house in Monohon.  My mother and brother lived there.


Farming and Dairy

Did you work at the Issaquah Creamery, or what is now Darigold?

Didn’t work at the creamery but took many trips there with a pack to buy cheese.



Did you travel frequently into Seattle?  How did you get there?  What did you do while in Seattle?

Went by bus- special occasion and did shopping


Fraternal Organizations—Local Halls

Did you attend the Sportsmen’s Club?  Do you remember when it was built in 1937?  What did you do at the Sportsmen’s Club?

Went to turkey shoots before Thanksgiving and Christmas- took chances on winning a turkey


What types of events did you attend at the Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) Hall?  Did you use the shooting range located in the basement?

Went to dinners as a young girl we went as a family, enjoyed dining with my dad.  Later years the V.F.W. held dances there and my husband was part of that.


Did you attend dinners, dances, banquets, or other events in the upstairs Grange Meeting Hall?

The V.F.W. met at the Grange meeting hall. Many dinners. Christmas parties for the kids. My children still remember going there at Christmas and Santa giving out gifts.



What movies did you go to see at the Issaquah Theatre (the Old Movie House) to see?  How much did movies cost?  Did you ever go to the back upper corner of the theatre to kiss?

As a little girl I went to movies with my mother. 10 ¢.  When I was older my brothers and I went.  Didn’t sit together but always walked home together.

When I stayed with my aunt south of town we walked to movies-  We walked from one light pole to the other than ran the next- so on till we arrived at movies.



What church did you attend?  What memories do you have of this church?  Were there any pastors, reverends, or church leaders that stand out in your memory?

As a child I attended the community church across from the creamery.  That was Sunday School days- When I was older started going to the catholic church east of town.

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