Evelyn Evans Donlan Schall

 Name:Evelyn Evans Donlan Schall

Birth Date or Year (optional): 

September 8, 1919


Your history in Issaquah/How long lived here, etc.:

Dan and I moved to Issaquah about six months after our marriage.  Dan’s mom had developed diabetes in her 70’s, her vision was bad and she couldn’t give herself shots and housework needed to be done.


If you moved to Issaquah, why did you choose it?

Dan’s hometown.


If you have lived here all or most of your life, why did you choose to stay?

I stayed after Dan’s death for sometime.  When I moved I remarried and after Tony died I eventually moved back to the Renton area.


Family History in Issaquah:

Tim Young also graduated from Issaquah High.  I raised most of my children here.  Lived in the old Day house.  Then bought the Boydon house and moved there.  Dan and our five children all graduated from Issaquah High.  Danella Donlan still lives her on the Lake McDonald and Leonard??????????????????house.


Education—Coming of Age

What are your memories of Issaquah High School?  Which teachers were influential?

My husband, Dan Donlan, should be here to fill this out.  His favorite class and teacher was his shop teacher.


What memories do you have of Minnie Schomber, or another favorite teacher?

Minnie Schomber was a neighbor of mine.  I remember Neal Chevalier picking just the tops of her flowers.  He really got a hard scolding from her for that.  In later years quite a crabby lady.


Were you affected by earthquake damage to the schools in 1949 or 1965?

Scared silly as my children were at school in 1965.  In the 1949 earthquake Cheryl and Danella were playing out in their sandbox.  I couldn’t get down my back steps to go to them.  When it stopped, Danella said: “Mommy something shaked my bottom.”


Local businesses

What local businesses do you remember?  What items did you purchase there?  Who owned the business?  Where was it located?  What do you remember most about it?

I remember a little store for women.  The Lady who ran it was called Miss Eaves.  Her store was tiny but packed full.  I used to take my mother-in-law, Ann, there.  Grandma was almost 6’ tall and a big woman but not fat.  Miss Eaves carried corsets and things that fit Grandma Donlan.

Also shopped at Harry Steven’s Grocery.


What barbershop or beauty shop did you frequent?  What do you remember about these places?  What were the popular hairdos when you frequented the beauty shop?  Did you do a lot of socializing at the barber and beauty shops?

Pageboys were one of the popular styles.  It was the style I had at that time.  Can’t remember the name of the shop.


What is memorable about Lewis Hardware?  What items did you purchase there?

Dan used to love to go to Lewis Hardware.  He said Tom had everything you could want.


Where did you go to buy your groceries?  Did you go to Tony and Johnny’s, or RR Grocery on East Sunset? Do you remember your favorite clerk?  Were there any items that these grocers specialized in?

I used to go to Harry Steven’s store a lot.  Also to Tony and Johnny’s.  I walked with my two little girls, Cheryl and Danella.  So I had to shop and carry my stuff home.  We only had one car then.


Did you purchase things at the Grange Mercantile Building?  What type of things did you get there?  Did your family rent a frozen food storage locker?

I used to shop there for groceries and yes we had, as a rule, two lockers as Dan kept stock on the old Donlan Farm.


What restaurants or soda shops did you enjoy going to?  Did you go to Rena’s Café, or XXX Root beer?  What was your favorite food?  Were there memorable waiters or waitresses?

Sometimes I would take the girls to the Honeysuckle for Ice Cream or a Cola.


Did you go to Boehm’s Candies?  What candies were your favorites?

I rarely went to Boehm’s.  We only had one car and Dan took it to work at Boeings.


What saloons or local bars did you and your friends frequent?

I used to drive in to pick up Grandpa Donlan as he had walked one mile in earlier.  He would be at the tavern that George Stonebridge owned.  George also told me to leave the tavern as he thought I was too young.  But I was 26 then.  I believe it was the Eagle Tavern.


What do you remember about Grange Supply?

We were members and bought farm thing there.


Issaquah Round-Up—Salmon Days—Labor Day Celebrations

What do you remember about Labor Day Celebrations or Salmon Days?

I have a few old pictures of Dan’s parents and Dan and brother, Joe.


Special Occasions

What were some of the other memorable special events and occasions in Issaquah?

My husband, Dan, was a fireman and we attended lots of parties and dances.  Also, I think, it was during the Holiday Season, I was cooking a turkey.  Went to visit Phyllis Chevalier and the fire siren rang.  My turkey was gone, too roasted.  So we had dinner at Phyllis and Joe’s.

Still so close to Phyllis, in 2001 we spend at least one afternoon a week together.  This February 22 she was 75.  I missed her party at daughter Linda’s as was in Ellensburg at Maureen and Buck’s lovely home.  Len also has a house and acreage across the street from them.  Len has a new toy.  He took us all for a ride on the “bike” up the hill where we saw lots of deer.  Was a wonderful weekend with Buck, Mae, Roy and Len and Levin popping in.

My 80th birthday was so special.  My family rented the hall at the train station and I had a lovely party.  So many friends showed up and lots of Issaquah friends.

Dan was born July 30,1918.  He died of a heart attack December 31, 1974, leaving wife Evelyn, daughters Cheryl, Danella and Maureen, sons Leonard and Larry, and nephew, Tim Young, who I had raised.


Outdoor Recreation

Did you spend a lot of your free time outside?  What do you remember about fishing, hunting, or hiking in the area?  What was your favorite hiking trail?

Yes, swimming in Lake Sammamish at the Flintofts.  Wonderful days and picnics too.  Because Tim wanted to go to Nate’s Lake place (next door to Flintofts) and he could not swim.  So I signed him up for a swim class in North Bend.  It was during the baseball season, which was a conflict, and he was so unhappy with me.  Happy now though as he and Paula have a lovely pool in Torrance, California at their home.


What are your memories of Vasa Park?  What did you do while there?



Did you go swimming in the local lakes in the summer?  Or ice-skating at the Horrock’s Farm in the winter?

We used to spend most of our days in the summers at Flintofts lake property.  Great swimming and Tom loved to push Cheryl and Danella off the dock.  Spent a lot of time with Bill and Alberta or one of them.  I felt I needed to be there if my kids were there.  Had lots of picnic’s there and we used to cook dinner and stay until it was dark.


Salmon hatchery

How has the salmon hatchery affected Issaquah?

Very good for Issaquah, and still is.



Did you travel frequently into Seattle?  How did you get there?  What did you do while in Seattle?

Dan’s parents, Michael and Ann Donlan, by car (Joe’s) or train.  They would go into Grandma Liddle’s and visit and shop.  Also before my time, the great grandparents of Michael and Ann lived in there and they visited them.  Also, Uncle Joe Donlan and his wife (Rose) lived in Seattle.  Also, Uncle George who worked for the Seattle Times.  Spent 50 some years working there.  Started his career at the Issaquah paper.



Do you have any memories of Issaquah’s mining days?  Were you involved in mining?

Grandpa Michael Donlan worked in the mines.  Also later had a tavern, which his son Joe worked at.  Later sold to the Kiebers.



What church did you attend?  What memories do you have of this church?  Were there any pastors, reverends, or church leaders that stand out in your memory?

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  Father Carey.

Almost every Sunday after mass he would come to Dan’s folks for a drink and breakfast.  He was short, Irish; he used to call me “Girl” which really irritated me.  He was a crabby old Irishman.

I helped do the 100th yearbook on the church.  Special meeting at the Issaquah High School, I was thanked for my help.  1896-1996 archbishop Thomas Murphy gave the homily.  About 800 people celebrated the mass at the Issaquah High gym.

First Catholic Mass in great granddad’s living room.  Father Dominez spent two days on horseback from Snohomish to get to Issaquah (1883) to serve mass.

Great-grandma Ann died at age 83 at son Joe’s home.  They had homesteaded the Donlan ranch.  Mother of Annie, Mamie, William, Michael and Joe (twins), and Peter and George.


Additional Memories

Grandma (March 20, 1875 – September 20, 1947) and Grandpa (November 20, 1872 – September 20, 1946) Donlan were married in Tacoma in 1872.  They both passed away in 1946 and 1947.

Joe was born in 1908 Issaquah died January 4, 1958.

Michael was born in 1912 Taylor died May 9, 1977.

Anne born in 1910 West Seattle (Aunt Mamie’s home) died February 1 1983.

Dan born July 30, 1918 died December 31, 1974.  Born in Issaquah and died in our house in the Coalfield area.  Len owns that house now and lives there.

Grandpa Donlan served for years on the election board.  When I was first married I did too, helping him.

Great granddad and grandma were married in Lockport, New York.  Michael Donlan and Anna Murray December 7, 1872.

Grandma Ann Robson Liddle Donlan (my mother-in-law) March 22, 1875 – September 20, 1947.  Born in Sherman Hill, England.  (Newcastle on the Tyne, England Grandma Liddle 825 10th Ave, address of boarding house.)

Both of Dan’s grandpas were killed by Seattle streetcars.

Also great grandma Liddle lived in Seattle in their boarding house close to St. James.  Now is owned by Seattle University, if still standing (2001).  She used to shop at the Seattle Market when I was first married.  Never watched cars.  “They shan’t hit you Evelyn”.  Grandma Liddle November 3, 1850 Newcastle on the Tyne died July 1944.  Age 94 lived ???????? years.

Michael Henry born in Lockport, New York November 20, 1872.  he died September 20, 1946.  His wife, Ann Robson Liddle, was born march 22, 1875 and died September 20, 10947 in Sherman Hill, England.

Great grandparents homesteaded in the early 1880’s.  Grandpa carried a cook stove on his back from Goode’s Corner to the Donlan homestead.

Dan (my husband and father of our five children, Cheryl, Danella, Leonard, Maureen and Larry Donlan) was born July 30, 1918 and died in our home in Renton, December 31, 1974.

Evelyn Evans Donlan, Dan’s wife was born in Yakima, Washington September 8, 1919.  My mother’s name was Gladys Eule Young Evans.  (Her father was Edwin Young and mother was Jessie Marquam.)  My father was Harry Evans born and raised in Prosser.  His father was Maurice and his mother was Margaret Harper Evans.

I married the second time to Anthony P, Schall.  He was a retired Army CW4 man.  We traveled so much; Europe, Far East, drove back to Wisconsin once and to California,  a number of times.  He was such a nice man.  Died of a heart attack after four and a half years of marriage.

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Evelyn Donlan Schall