Lawrence Campbell

Lawrence Campbell (left) with little sister Jean, circa 1928.

Lawrence Campbell (left) with little sister Jean, circa 1928.

Name: Lawrence Campbell

Education—Coming of Age

What are your memories of Issaquah High School?  Which teachers were influential?

I played football and track.- Coach Morgan


What memories do you have of Minnie Schomber, or another favorite teacher?

I remember Miss Martin. It seems to me Minnie Schomber was a part time teacher.  She was also on the draft board.  She sent me a greeting card.


Were you affected by earthquake damage to the schools in 1949 or 1965?

I was in Seattle.


Education—Coming of Age

What kind of extracurricular activities were you involved in?  Did you play football or chess, or did you act in the school plays?  What were memorable games or plays?

I played football in 1933 – 36  and 1937. Gordon Crosby and me bumped heads.  I got banged up bad. My Mother wouldn’t let me play in 1934.  Dr. Hillery saw my Mother and Father and they let me play Junior and Seniors years.  I was in one play.  Dock Hillery patched me up.


Where did you and your friends spend your free time as teenagers?  What kind of mischief did you get into?  How did your parents or teachers punish you when you got into trouble?

Dave Bonner and me hiked all over Tiger Mtn.  and Squak Mtn.  I fished the Issaquah Creek most people don’t know the  creek was closed.  I hunted deer an also trapped.


Local businesses

What local businesses do you remember?  What items did you purchase there?  Who owned the business?  Where was it located?  What do you remember most about it?

Andy Wold – Sunset Way and Front Street. I also remember Punk Wold and Lewis Hardware.


What barbershop or beauty shop did you frequent?  What do you remember about these places?  What were the popular hairdos when you frequented the beauty shop?  Did you do a lot of socializing at the barber and beauty shops?

I remember Lewis Barber Shop next to the Ford garage.  I would tell Dave to give me a depression haircut (short).


What is memorable about Lewis Hardware?  What items did you purchase there?

I remember Tom real well. I would by hooks and B.B’s.  I still like the old floor.


Where did you go to buy your groceries?  Did you go to Tony and Johnny’s, or RR Grocery on East Sunset? Do you remember your favorite clerk?  Were there any items that these grocers specialized in?

I didn’t shop, my Mother did.


Did you purchase things at the Grange Mercantile Building?  What type of things did you get there?  Did your family rent a frozen food storage locker?

I shopped there. I rented a locker there.  I remember “Puck” Pickering was shot in a robbery.  It was a great old store.


What restaurants or soda shops did you enjoy going to?  Did you go to Rena’s Café, or XXX Root beer?  What was your favorite food?  Were there memorable waiters or waitresses?

I went to both places, the XXX was the best.  I remember Dave Morgan had a XXX on Sunset Way.  It was later moved.


Did you go to Boehm’s Candies?  What candies were your favorites?

Once in a while.


What saloons or local bars did you and your friends frequent?

Log Tavern. I still remember the running water where the old timers spit.

Paul Koss had the tavern. Then someone by the name of John Fook took it over.


What do you remember about Grange Supply?

Never shopped there.


What do you recall about Lawill’s drug store?

I remember they were in the corner across from the old bank building . I remember him and his wife.


Local Politics

What important local political issues of Issaquah are memorable?  Do any particular politicians stand out?  Why are they memorable?  What did they accomplish while in office?

I remember Stella Alexander also when she lived   Her husband had a blacksmith shop where Dr. Perkins is now. She cleaned house and was later recalled.


What do you recall about Mayor Stella Alexander, the first female mayor of Issaquah (elected in 1933)?  Were there any other local politicians or political activities that drew scandalous attention?

I remember Bill Flintoft.  He knew how to get what he wanted.


The Great Depression

What are your memories of the Great Depression?  Did you have a job at this time?  What ways did you try to save money?  What did you eat?

I was born 2-3-17 in Issaquah.  In 1937 I got a job at the Issaquah Mill (Person and Erickson) The pay was $4.00 a day. Hard work!  $4.00 a day when in so many people had none. You learned to save money. It is not this way now.  My Dad had a small farm so we did have food.


World War II

How did World War II affect the town of Issaquah?  Did you know men or women who went to fight in the war?  Did you leave Issaquah to join the war efforts?

I joined the Marines. Boot camp was bad.  I was 28 years old when I went in.  I joined the V.F.W.

Ray Smart was shot down over Italy.  He was close friend.


How did the Japanese Internment affect Issaquah?  Did you know men and women who were taken to Internment Camps?

Don’t remember any.


What kinds of jobs did the War bring to the area?  Where did you work at this time?

I was working at Boeing when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor.  Later went to McChord Field then the U.S.M.C.


Issaquah Round-Up—Salmon Days—Labor Day Celebrations

What do you remember about Labor Day Celebrations or Salmon Days?

Labor Day the most fun . Salmon Days is so crowded you can’t walk.  I remember when they had the Rodeo. It was a lot of fun in Issaquah.  The Taverns was closed so no fights, only fun.  I miss that Rodeo more than Salmon Days.


What special activities were there at Labor Day Celebrations, or at Salmon Days?  How has Salmon Days changed over time?

Labor Day was the best .  Every one was happy.  Now things have changed.


What are your memories of the Rodeo?

I remember the Rodeo and the fence around it.  I walked home on the R.R. tracks and an Indian was ahead of me.  I stopped and then went by him.  He looked mean to me.


Special Occasions

What were some of the other memorable special events and occasions in Issaquah?

I remember when the Issaquah Creek went over the road.  Dave Bonner had a Model T Ford and said, “ I might as well take the radiator cap off and fill the radiator.”  The water was that deep.

Pete Favini and Archie Adair picked a Ditch across the road and in an hour the water cut a 50 ft. ditch .  Later they made a dike.

I remember Tyee’s house burned down.


Outdoor Recreation

Did you spend a lot of your free time outside?  What do you remember about fishing, hunting, or hiking in the area?  What was your favorite hiking trail?

I spent a lot of time outside.  There was no trails you made you own.  Dave Bonner and me hiked from Harris Mine to Beckers (Sycamore).  There were four mountains to cross.

We shot a 207lb four point and then we tried to see who shot it. (never did know).

Dave Bonner and me found the caves above Lake Tradition in the 30’s. Forty years later, said they found the caves.


What type of fish did you catch?   How many trout did you catch in the Issaquah Creek and what was the biggest?  Did you fish in the kids fishing derby held in Issaquah?  Were your methods for fishing and hunting any different than they are today?

I lost count how many fish I caught out of the Issaquah Creek.  The longest was twenty -two inches. I learned later it was a Steelhead.  I fished above the spill-way and met Ivar Darst. He gave me hell, said that was his part of the Creek, mine was above the spill way (down).   He then laughed.

The creek was full of red fish in the fall. I can’t go into that.  In early days the King  Salmon never came up the creek.  I caught 30 Steelhead out of Tokul Creek in one year.

What are your memories of Vasa Park?  What did you do while there?

Swimming and skating; once in awhile a dance.


Did you go swimming in the local lakes in the summer?  Or ice-skating at the Horrock’s Farm in the winter?

Rich Holder and I walked down to the Lake Sammamish.  Their was a pier north of the boat launch.  We swam and played tag on the log out in the lake.  We asked Hans Jenson if we could have some of his apples.  He said don’t take a bite and leave them.  He also said don’t break my fence down.  He was a very nice man.

We sent into Horrocks pond and fished. It was real good.  Guess he would let us if we asked him.


Logging and Sawmills

How did the logging industry affect Issaquah?  How did it change?  Did you work in logging?  For what logging camp or sawmill?  What do you remember of your logging days?  What type of machines did you use for logging?  How did you transport logs? How large were these logs?

I wasn’t a logger.  High Point logged the north side of Tiger Mountain. Wood and Iverson logged the south side.


Do you remember the Monohon Mill, the Red Hall sawmill by the fish hatchery, the High Point Mill, the Preston Mill, or the Issaquah Lumber Company Mill on Front Street South?

Dave Bonner and me worked for Erickson and Pearson.   We bucked logs to length…  hard work.   On day we rolled a log on the carriage and it was full of  bees.  Guess you know that cleared the place.  They blamed up but we really didn’t know .  I’m sure if we knew about the bees we still have rolled it on the carriage anyway.  I didn’t know Erland Pearson could move that fast.  He was a dogger on the carriage.


Do you remember when there was a fire at the mill?  Did you help fight it?  Did you see the fire?

I saw the fire from my Dad’s house…hot! hot!  A  fire large you don’t forget it.  It was where 2nd Ave. and Hobart Road met. Dodge build a house there later.


Salmon hatchery

How has the salmon hatchery affected Issaquah?

Of late the Hatchery has helped Issaquah Salmon days for one. They planted King Salmon.  There wasn’t any  before the Hatchery.  I think the WPA saved it.


Farming and Dairy

Were you involved with farming in Issaquah?  What farm did you work on?  What was grown or raised there?

My Dad had a small farm; one cow, one pig, chickens and a garden.  We did real good.


Do you have any memories of Pickering Farm?

I remember the green grass and not asphalt.  I remember the Sky Port and also the K.K.K. meeting in 1924.


Did you work at the Issaquah Creamery, or what is now Darigold?

No.  I remember Hans Foster



Did you travel frequently into Seattle?  How did you get there?  What did you do while in Seattle?

No. Bus ran slow.


How did the construction of I-90 change life in Issaquah?

It changed Issaquah but the Metro Sewer is what changed the valley.


What was your first car?  Did you buy it from Hepler Ford Motors, Stonebridge Chevrolet, or the Kaiser-Frazier dealership?

A 1939 Chevrolet I bought if from Fink  My Dad bought a Model T from Hepler.


Fraternal Organizations—Local Halls

What are your memories of the fraternal organizations?  Did you belong to the Elks Lodge, or Lions Club, etc?

I belong to the Eagles for over 30 yrs.


Did you attend the Sportsmen’s Club?  Do you remember when it was built in 1937?  What did you do at the Sportsmen’s Club?

I could hear all the shooting.  My Dad won a pig there once.


What types of events did you attend at the Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) Hall?  Did you use the shooting range located in the basement?



Did you attend dinners, dances, banquets, or other events in the upstairs Grange Meeting Hall?




Do you have any memories of Issaquah’s mining days?  Were you involved in mining?

I wasn’t involved. May Dad mined for 40years.  I went down in the Grand  Ridge Mine and came back to the top.  My Dad started the mines on Tiger Mountain and the Pacific Coal Company. He also mined at Niblocks.


What were the working conditions like in the mine? Which mine did you work for, and what was your job?

Never mined; my Dad wouldn’t let me.



What movies did you go to see at the Issaquah Theatre (the Old Movie House) to see?  How much did movies cost?  Did you ever go to the back upper corner of the theatre to kiss?

I remember the silent movie.  I think the cost was a dime.


Front Street

My Mother shopped at Fishers Meat. I always went.  Bill Haglin always gave me a hot dog

I also remember Finney Meat Market

I also remember Peters Realtor

I also remember Fred Cussac.

I also remember Honeysuckle

I also remember Union Tavern


Additional Memories

A short history of the Campbells

My Dad was born in 1884 in Penn. He came to the Oregon Territory in 1884 at six weeks old.  He was here before Washington was a state.  The Campbells settled on Tiger Mountain on about one hundred acres.

When my Dad, also Lawrence,  was 14 years old he started in the mines. He retired at 62 years.   He cleared the right of way from Issaquah to the Hobart Road.  He built a five bedroom house south of the bus barn.  I remember the water tower for the trains. Some of it was a hobo jungle.

My Dad died at 83 years old.  My Mother, Lydia Holder,  was a great cook.  She sure worked very hard.

My family was made up of one son and four daughters.  The children were: Dorothy,  Gertrude, Ruth, Lawrence and Jean.  A daughter, Martha, died at an early age.

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