Visit Issaquah History Museums

Discover and take part in the history of Issaquah and the surrounding area! Visit our Gilman Town Hall Museum and our Issaquah Depot Museum were you can explore engaging, thought-provoking exhibits, experience the past via hands-on activities, listen to the stories that help us create our common identify, and learn the role of Issaquah in shaping the region and the way that our past can inform our present and our future.

Gilman Town Hall

165 SE Andrews Street
Temporarily Closed
Scheduled to reopen by appointment when King County reaches Phase III.

Built in, 1886, the Gilman Town Hall features a permanent exhibit called “In This Valley: The Story of Our Town,” which uses photographs, artifacts, and interactive elements to explore different aspects of Issaquah’s past. This museum also contains a hands-on kitchen exhibit with many cooking implements. The back yard hosts a two-celled concrete jail that was used from 1914 until 1930. more info >

Issaquah Depot Museum

Issaquah Depot Museum

78 First Avenue NE
Timed entry available from May 28-September 5, 2021
Hours: Fri, Sat, and Sun 11:00 AM-3:00 PM

Tickets via Eventbrite. The city’s train depot was built in 1889, and now holds a museum with exhibits that explore the industrial revolution, travel, communication, and the early economic development of Issaquah. Many of the displays include interactive elements such as a telegraph, which are a favorite with the young and young at heart. The Depot is also available for event rentals. more info >