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Paul J. Henry

Served 1931-33

Served in 1931-1933

Paul Henry assumed the office of Marshal on Dec 31, 1930 upon the sudden resignation of J.M. Stakebake. Paul’s brother, Earl Henry, was an officer with the State Highway Patrol. Paul had considerable experience as a Deputy Sheriff.

Henry resided at the Krall residence on Hill Street according to a news story of the period.

On Aug 11, 1931 he caught a youth breaking into an automatic weight machines located in front of Brendel Drug Store. The youth took off and ran east on Cooper Avenue. Henry called for the youth to stop but the young man ran even faster. Paul drew his revolver and fired four times, but the fellow got away after ducking under a fence near the playfield.

The Issaquah Press records his salary as $100.00 per month in its June 11, 1932 edition.

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