Eleanor Wicklund Hope

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Clark Elementary Staff 1966

This candid photograph of 1966 Clark Elementary staff offers a glimpse of the camaraderie among some of Issaquah’s best-known and much-loved residents at that time. Pictured from left to right are, (front row) Jean Jaekel, Luella Grant, Bob Eiene, Sue Smith, Polly Heft, Janie Link, Louise Quistorff, and Ron Reed; (middle row) Clella Menold, Emma Crow, Mary Boyden, Sylvia Bender, Pearl Deering, Agnes Hammond, Carol King, Joan Krivasha, and Bob Reed; (back row) Mary Whelus, Betty Evans, Ruth Colingham, Shirley Hayes, Marian Oules, Eleanor Hope, Margaret Medalon, Agnes Houdek, Mabel Miles, Cleo Somsak, Joe Zimmerman, and Ray Upton. [IHM photo 72-21-14-22h; caption and photo from p107, #165 Arcadia Book]