Issaquah History Museums

Peter Vroom Davis


January 10, 1893–January 8, 1895

Peter Vroom Davis was born in New Jersey, to parents William Smith Davis and Phebe A. Morton. Although William Smith Davis was a farmer, he was descended from an old New Jersey family that included Peter D. Vroom, fifth governor of New Jersey. P.V. Davis had a long career as an attorney in Washington State. Davis moved to Issaquah with his first wife, Willmena, and was living there as of 1892 when the territorial census was taken. In addition to his wife, his brother Augustus W. Davis, and son Walter, age 3, were living with him. Davis became the major of Gilman at the tender age of 25 and served until 1895. His must have been divorced or widowed between 1892 and 1896, because he married Nettie Doxy of Issaquah in December 1896. Nettie’s father John served on the Town Council. By 1900 the couple was living in Seattle, where they remained until at least 1931. Peter Vroom Davis died in California in 1948.