Issaquah History Museums

Ruth Kees and Fred Nystrom

Ruth Kees (left) and Fred Nystrom (right) walk along Issaquah Creek ca late 1980s. [IHM photo 2009-3-12]

Ruth Moore Kees was born in Nebraska in 1923 to Paul Moore and Myrtle Schultz Moore. Ruth was interviewed in 2006 by Maria McLeod as part of IHM’s oral history project. Her interview covers her work as a government inspector during WWII, getting her pilot’s license and working at Boeing, and the impact Issaquah’s development has had on the environment and her effort to protect it. If you’re interested in local environmental issues, both of Ruth’s interviews are amazing reads.
You can also visit the Ruth Kees Big Tree Trail on Tiger Mountain if you’re in the mood for a hike.