Gilman Band July 4,1893

Looking back: Gilman Band

Published in the Issaquah Press on December 8, 1999

Gilman Band July 4,1893

The Gilman Band on July 4,1893. [IHM photo]

The next few installments of Looking Back will focus on celebrations. This photo shows the Gilman Band, which has gathered on the Fourth of July in 1893, just one year after the founding of the Town of Gilman (now Issaquah). Among the items of interest in this photograph are the large Western Red Cedar tree in the background, the hand split cedar fence to the right and the boardwalk in the right foreground. It is clear that, at the time, huge cedar trees were in abundance. Independence Day was a popular holiday for celebrating in the late 1890’s, much as it is today. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, and the first Independence Day celebration was 1777. Of the original 13 colonies, nine voted for the Declaration, two voted against it and one was undecided and one abstained.

Women's Christian Temperance Union Float

Looking back: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Published in the Issaquah Press on December 22, 1999

Women's Christian Temperance Union Float

Women’s Christian Temperance Union float on Independence day. The image has been variously dated at 1904 and 1910.

Our look at past celebrations continues with Independence Day in 1910. No float that year was as well represented as that of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. Each of the children on the float wore a banner with the name of a state on it. The Temperance Union was founded December 22, 1873, in Fredonia, N.Y., out of concern for the damaging effects of alcohol. The organization is the oldest non-sectarian women’s group in the world, and is still in existence today. In front of the wagon is Martha Wood, current Issaquah resident Walt Seil’s grandmother. Two more faces, the girls kneeling in the back row, centered between the two girls standing in white, are recognizable. The one on the left is Josephine Wood, Seil’s mother, and the one on the right is Mabel Miles.

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“First Prize Car in July 4th Parade”
ca 1910s
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Girls in Patriotic Garb on 4th of July
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“As more families moved to the area and began building a community together, celebrations became part of the social fabric. Pictured here circa 1915 are celebrants of the Fourth of July.”
– p42, #62 Arcadia book caption

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